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When to push the Limits with Sleep

Look, one of my biggest rules with sleep is consistency. Bedtime routines, times, consequences, all of it. The more consistent we are the more we are all rewarded with good sleep. However, life doesn't always allow for perfect consistency so let's talk about when, where and how to push those limits, especially when all this holiday fun is right around the corner. If you are just starting a new sleep program, this is not the time to bend the rules but if you have settled into a groove, we can make some exceptions. I thought it might be easiest to talk specific situations and my recommendations so here we go: 1. Kids Christmas Party from 1-4pm, aka: smack dab in the middle of nap time. If you are on a one nap schedule and usually nap noon-2, have the nap, wake a bit early and head to the party a bit late, you'll be there by 2 and still get to enjoy most of it. If it's a 2 or more nap schedule and nap should be around 2/2:30, arrive at 1, stay until 3 and sneak out early, let them have a nap in the car while you drive around looking at Christmas Decor and sip a holiday beverage. 2. Getting together with friends in the evening and it will go past bedtime. Assuming kids are included in this gathering you can pack pjs for them and either leave right around bedtime or a bit later OR bring a pack + play and sound machine and put them to sleep in a dark room if it's going to be very late. When you leave let them fall asleep on the way home. If they stay awake on the drive or wake up when coming into the house, very quick shortened bedtime routine and into bed for them. They may have an unsettled sleep or early wake but remind yourself you got to have some fun and you can get right back on track. OR my personal favorite, host at your house so they can go to bed and you can keep visiting. 3. You have a babysitter and are heading out for the night. Babysitters you pay can be asked to follow your rules/routine... Family and friends can also be asked to perfectly follow your rules and routine BUT if you know they aren't going to, give them just a couple non-negotiables. Example: I know Grandma is going to snuggle in next to them for too long at bedtime but can it least be on time OR I know they are going to let them stay up later but please stick to you the bedtime routine as we usually do it. I am also a big advocate for asking my babysitter to text me when kids are asleep, I find I'm able to fully relax and let loose knowing they are sleeping at home. Look it isn't going to be perfect but you need to live and have a little fun. Key points are get right back on track the next day. Choose to push the limits with nap OR bedtime, not both on the same day and if it's late/weird nights, don't do 2 back to back if at all possible. You'll thank yourself when they are able to get right back on track. 80/20 is a sleep rule too, not just nutrition, 80% on schedule and 20% flexible will set you up for success.

And always remember, if you need help with sleep training, baby sleep or a few sleep solutions, I'm your girl.

Happy Sleeping,

Your Sleep Coach,


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