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Co-Regulation... say what?

Now, full disclosure, I'm always working on this. When I have said good night to the kids, just to have one surface 40 minutes later upset that they can't sleep, my gut response is not calm and cool. As I've said before, the reason I got into this business is my own need for quiet time and sleep and the way to get that is to ensure my kids are sleeping well.

While our kids are learning how to self-regulate their emotions, the best thing we can offer them is the ability to co-regulate. To do so, we need to demonstrate a calm demeanor and ensure we have healthy responses to their emotions. They are looking to us to see how they are supposed to live this life (pressure much? Oof, parenting is a lot). So how can we do this at bedtime? Let's talk about a few options.

  • Routine!- having a soothing, predictable bedtime routine gives them something to look forward to.

  • Be there and be calm!- Skip taking your phone with you when going through the bedtime routine so that you can give them all of your attention and keep it as relaxed as possible both in what you say and what you do.

  • Listen and reassure!- Do they have some anxieties surfacing at bedtime? Reassure them that you felt the same when you were a kid or maybe even feel that way sometimes now. What they are going through is normal and you are here to help them through.

  • Deep breathing!- Try some hot chocolate breathing at bedtime, smell the hot chocolate and blow that breath out to cool it down.

  • Praise and positivity!- Have they made some progress on the bedtime front? Celebrate all those little steps forward and remind them how proud you are of them.

If you need some sleep solutions related to baby sleep or sleep training, shoot me a quick message, I'm happy to help.

Happy Sleeping, your friendly sleep coach,


PS: Aidyn sporting the moto of co-regulation... GOOD ENERGY

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