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Pre-teen Sleep Updates

I said I would update you on the new sleep plan for my 11 year old and here it is.

Our new routine: between 830-930 she is allowed to watch a show, putter around and chit chat with us and she seems to come up with SOOO much to say around this time of night. Right around 930 though, it's time to switch to chill mode, she grabs a book, settles in either in her room or on the couch downstairs (where there is NO TV on) to read until 10. Right around 950/955 my husband and I (or whoever is home) each take a quick turn downstairs to tuck in and say our good nights and it's fan on, lights out by 10.... and we don't see her again until we are waking her for school at 730 the next morning or by 9 if it's the weekend. If I let her sleep past 9 on the weekends bedtime by 10 is a real struggle.

We even had one night where we rushed her a bit, she seemed tired, so were we, we said our good nights at 930 and turned the lights out... low and behold she's upstairs at 1015 saying she can't sleep. So we learned our lesson and 10 it is for the moment with her. Your take away should be, if it's broke, fix it! It can be done, you just need to tweak things and if you need help with sleep solutions, you know where to find me!

Your friendly sleep coach, Corie

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