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So sleepy... must... stay... awake.

Updated: May 11, 2023

‘Tis the season to push the limits on bedtime and put prioritizing sleep on the back burner right? Overtiredness is the arch nemesis of sleep so I’m here to strongly recommend you reconsider. If you run into me the day after I haven’t had enough sleep I’ll be the first to admit that you are not getting the best version of me. And I’m an adult who has (a little at least) more control over my emotions. When our littles are low on sleep, they are often on a roller coaster of emotions. This ends up being little to no fun for anyone involved.

While there are endless invites for fun things and people to see, try to keep your baby/child’s sleep on the priority list so that you can truly enjoy the holidays. Slipping out to put them down for a nap can feel like missing out but the quality of the time you get with loved ones improves when you aren’t fighting with an overtired kiddo. Is your family pressuring you to skip the nap or push bedtime? Kindly explain to them that it’s just not fair to the baby because they are the ones end up miserable and don’t know why or how to fix it. As parents it’s up to us to give them what they need.

Options to do both?

- Bring the pack and play, sound machine and tin foil a window at Grandma’s house so that they can have a great nap or go to bed on time while you get to stay and visit.

- Go to their house in the afternoon and invite them back to your house in the evening so that the kids can go to bed and you can still enjoy the company.

- Pick a priority… If they are going to be up later than normal, make sure they get a quality nap. If they are going to miss their nap or only get in a short one, make sure you are home for an early bedtime. And if they are really little, let the baby sleep when you can.

And as always… if nothing goes as planned get your independent sleeper back on track as soon as you can or reach out, I’m here with sleep solutions to help.

Happy Sleeping,

Your sleep coach, Corie

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