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Sleepy 11 year old... send help.

First, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your weekend is filled with delicious food, mimosas and maybe even a nap or 2.

Second... My 11 year old has been on the struggle bus with sleep this week. Usually her swimming days, when she practices for 3 hours AFTER school are a shoo-in for a quick and seamless bedtime. Not this week. I'm 100% sure she's all tucked in and will be sleeping momentarily and 40 minutes later up the stairs she comes saying she can't fall asleep. Ugh. I would love to tell you I'm full of patience and ready to help her do whatever she needs but I'm not. I'm annoyed and frustrated and my first inclination is to tell her that she's never going to be falling asleep while walking up the stairs so get back to bed. By the time my kids go to bed and for her it's been like 9:30pm, I'm done. I'm ready to chill and have some quiet time where it's just Devin and I, a show that is not kid friendly and the couch. But instead I'm now just holding my breath, waiting for her to re-surface.

All that to say that when something sleep related isn't working anymore, it's time to pivot and make a change. So she sleeps with a fan but I'm adding in a white noise machine to see if that helps. With pre-teen sleep changes too I'm bumping her bedtime back to 10pm (much to my chagrin). She will still be down to her room shortly after 9 but she likes to putter around her room and tidy or draw and listen to music, then it will be lamp on a reading quietly with her white noise machine by 9:30/9:40 and lights out around 10.

Accepting good thoughts and prayers, I'll let you know how we do this week.

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