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Daylight Savings... In all honesty, I'd rather not

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Winter is coming and I dread those dark evenings. Unfortunately, no matter how much I dread it, it's happening. I have come to terms with the fact that I can't do anything about those suppers we eat in the dark but I can help you with getting your baby and/or kids back on track so let's go in with a plan.

Step 1: Ignore, ignore, ignore. It's Saturday night, that time is changing at 2am Sunday, sure the phones will switch on their own but leave every other clock in the house as it is, resist the urge and do not roll them back!

Step 2: It's Sunday morning, the kids are up at a normal time, not early because we did not change those clocks. Have breakfast, enjoy a coffee, take a deep breath and then go around changing all the clocks to our new normal.

Step 3: Split the difference- when it is naptime or bedtime, put those kids down 30 minutes early and do this for 3 nights. If your kids are used to a very specific bedtime and even 30 minutes is going to leave you with an overtired, stressed out child then adjust only by 15 minutes instead and do that for 2 days. If you choose to do the 15 minute option, continue to roll back by 15 minutes every 2 days.

Step 4: Back to routine- after 4 days (or 8 if you opt for the 15 minute option) it's back to bed and naps at a normal time.

Step 5: Patience- give yourself some grace, it may not be perfect but let's not forget that nothing in life is perfect and nothing in life is permanent. You'll get there, just give it time.

EXPERT TIP: Need those kids back on track by Monday for work/school/daycare?? Start Friday, who cares if the clocks officially change Sunday, bump bedtime/naptime back by 30 minutes Friday and get Friday, Saturday and Sunday in so that by Monday you're basically back on track for a normal bedtime.

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