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Sensible Sleep 

Corie Blais, RN

Quality sleep allows us to be the best version of ourselves


I am so glad you are here. Is your baby or child not sleeping like you wish they would? Let's work together to create a sleep plan that will guide your newborn, baby, toddler, or older child into being a happy sleeper and give you some “you time” back. I am thrilled to offer sleep solutions, sleep coaching and sleep training to families in need. With clear and straightforward sleep plans, we will work together to see your sleep goals succeed. You can and will be sleeping better with my help. 

About Me

Hi, I’m Corie, the founder of Sensible Sleep Consulting and I am passionate about helping families get quality sleep. I am a Registered Nurse and  Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant who wants to help you and your little ones sleep better. If your baby, toddler, or older child aren’t sleeping well that means you likely aren’t either and I can help. 

I have been an RN for 16 years and am mom to two great sleeping little ladies, aged 8 and 10. The years may be flying by, but I won’t ever forget those days when my nerves would build as bedtime approached wondering how much sleep I would get that night. I know from experience that everything feels harder and heavier when sleep is not a sure thing. When my babies started sleeping well it was amazing to me how much more manageable the days felt. Great baby sleep is something I feel passionate about so let's get sleep training.

I have been lucky to train under sleep expert Dana Obleman through the Sleep Sense program and I look forward to helping families get the predictable rest and sleep that they deserve. I am based out of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada but thanks to this virtual world I am thrilled to be able to offer help to families Canada wide and beyond.

If you are having trouble with your little one’s sleep, whether that is getting them to sleep, having them staying asleep, naps or nighttime, lets talk. I'd love to be your sleep coach. Book a free 15-minute consult so that we can discuss exactly what services I can offer to support you on your sleep journey.



Newborn Essential Package

Suitable for Pre-natal consult and babies up to 3 months old or expecting parents.

Learn great sleep habits that you can start at day one to set yourself and your baby up for a lifetime of quality sleep!

Essential Package

Suggested for ages 4 months-2.5/3 years, while your child remains in a crib.

Break habits and start fresh with this package!

Comprehensive Package

Suggested for ages 3 and up, specifically all children no longer in a crib.

It's never too late to get a great nights sleep! 

Sleeping baby

Healthy Sleep Results In Happy Children & Parents


"Corie is knowledgeable, professional, and caring in her sleep consulting. She respects that there are individual needs and desires. Her approach is one of empowerment and it is greatly appreciated"
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