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Mother's Day Mayhem

Happy belated Mother's Day to those of you who are Moms, are about to be moms or dream of being moms.

My girls each had an art project and a hand-made card for me, my husband a gift card for a pedicure, they all know me so well. I was greeted with a menu to order my breakfast from, see my photo below, which had a lot of, well, interesting options. I opted for an avocado toast, coffee and an orange juice.

My kids swore they weren't going to fight that day, and I only had to remind them of it approximately 20 times. I washed 4 loads of bedding and cleaned the bathroom. We finished the night with dinner out and sadly an Oiler's loss.

Mother's Day doesn't have to be all sunshine and rainbows, the chores still need to be done, the kids are still kids who pick at each other. At bedtime I thanked each of my girls for a great day because I know they tried their best and worked hard all day to show me how loved I am and for that I am forever grateful.

Next month we will get back to baby sleep, sleep training and sleep coach goodies, until then I hope you all felt a little extra love on Mother's Day.

Happy Sleeping,

Your Sleep Coach, Corie

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