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Newborn Basics-NOW ACTIVE


Congratulations, you either have a newborn or are about to! With this course you will learn the basics to set yourself up for a lifetime of great sleep. Set great sleep habits from the beginning so that by the time you are through the newborn phase you will be well on your way to full nights sleep and great rest for you and your baby. Included with this Newborn Basics program is a Newborn Guide for you to follow and a 40 minute video with a powerpoint and full review and explanation of all things newborn. There will be no need to sleep train if you follow these instructions right from the start. With the purchase of this program receive a $50 credit towards a full sleep plan if between 4 and 6 months old you decide it's time for a little more 1 on 1 support. After completion of the course, you are also welcome to email me one time with any questions you may have that are specific to your baby and I'll be sure to reply with my answers.

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